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... and everything connected.

From my beginnings as a teenager with works from oil pastel on paper to my apprenticeship as a mold maker in foundry technology and working there with wood, to this day, my preference for acrylic on canvas:

Creating something and creating it with my own hands has always been inspiring for me.

ART WORKS! - no matter what level and in what form. And for me, when creating art, there is also enthusiasm for the process and satisfaction with the subsequent result. In this respect it is simply my passion to paint and I hope to be able to convey an impression of it here on these pages.

Be it music, dance or the fine arts through painting -  I've always been interested in art. As an autodidact without artistic education, the creative process is very important to me, and I am constantly learning from it.

With this, my view of things becomes reality through my work, without trying to interpret a deeper meaning into my pictures from the start. The aesthetics and the "I like" are in the foreground and the simple idea or my perspective on a supposedly simple thing at the beginning of every work.

Although in the course of painting it often happens that an image develops several levels of content and meaning.

The resulting tension in a picture or in the viewer is the goal of my work and a great satisfaction for me as an artist.

For inquiries or for more information about my work, simply use the CONTACT  form.

So have fun browsing my site!


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