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"Konzept ZEIT"-Serien

The conception or construction of time.

How do we define time?

At this point I invite you to an experiment:

The series "Konzept ZEIT" # 1 to # 6 each represent three pairs of pictures (companion pieces), consisting of one uncolored and one colored sheet of the series. Look at the pairs of images below one by one. It is not important whether you look at the uncolored or the colored sheet first.

Look at as many pairs of images as you want.

The final question about this experiment can be found at the end of this site.



Information about "Concept TIME":


Six series (# 1- # 6) on subject of time, consisting of colored and uncolored companion pieces, with an edition of six sheets each.


Signed, numbered and titled and dated on the back.


Ink/ acrylic/ colored-pencil drawings on 250g acid-free Clairefontaine paper.


65x50cm - size of the sheet

30x20cm - size of the drawing


Artist´s selection: two sheets per series are framed.

Further framing on request.


May 2021


For price inquiries and more information, please use the CONTACT form . When making inquiries, please state the series number/s (# 1-6) and the sheet number/s (1-6 / 6).

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Let's come back to our experiment from the top of the page:


What do you notice - apart from the pictorial aspects - when you have looked at the pictures?


You will certainly have looked at one of the pictures of a diptych for a longer period of time. The colored version will have attracted more attention or interest to most of you. So there must be a difference here somewhere.


What is the essence of this difference?

Obviously, of course, the difference in color between the two sheets and this difference has one effect: The subject of time can be experienced through more intense impressions and, above all, differences in stimuli.

Because we like to spend more time with things that are charming, that are more colorful, exciting and ultimately not just black and white.

With the pictures, however, it is also clear that the frame is always the same. It's just a question of how we fill this frame with life and, above all, color in order to ultimately make the best use of the time available to us.


The "concept" of time is thus largely defined by how attractive we design moments or the "now".

Couldn't we just say that time is simply the interplay of impressions and, above all, perceptions that we experience in every moment? Because the more and more intense these are, the longer the moment appears to us and the more time we spend in it.


So in the end it's always about the color!

For price inquiries and more information, please use the contact form . For inquiries, please state the respective series (# 1-6) and the sheet number (s) (1-6 / 6).

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